Considering MMFI Membership?

Thank you for your interest in MMFI. Please read the following membership information carefully in your pursuit to find people who will stand with and assist you to fulfill God's calling and destiny for your life.


Our Purpose

The Calling of God upon an individual into the Ministry of His Gospel is of the greatest importance in that person's life, second only to one's personal salvation by faith in Christ Jesus, our Lord!  Therefore, we undertake the consideration of granting ministerial credentialing prayerfully, being guided by the Holy Spirit as to who shall or shall not be granted credentials by MMFI.


By applying for ministerial credentials with our Ministerial Fellowship, you are agreeing that your purpose for doing so is to first and foremost endeavor to glorify God in all that you undertake, exalting Jesus Christ as Lord, proclaiming and promoting God's Good News of Salvation by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Application Process

We encourage all potential candidates interested in the ministerial fellowship and credentials to complete an application along with 5 recommendation forms given to people who can speak about your character and ministerial possibilities or experiences.  The License to Minister is granted to those who have both a demonstrated calling and an availability to minister - a proven call.  Also, Ordination may be granted to those who have been successful in a recognized and proven public ministry for an extended period of time, and who devote a significant amount of their time to such ministry.  The candidate for ordination should also have demonstrated maturity in character and attitude, and be sound in doctrine and Biblical knowledge.

Note:  There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for application processing.
Please submit
Application and Recommendation Forms to the MMFI Board 10 days before scheduled interview.

 We seek to provide credentials to "fivefold ministers" - to men and women who need covering and credentials for their ministry beyond the local church. If one's ministry is primarily focused in the local church, we encourage the local church to provide credentials and covering for the person's ministry. However, if the individual's life purpose and ministry is beyond the local church, and appears to be a fivefold ministry, then it is appropriate to submit an application for spiritual covering and possible credentials. This action would also require a recommendation from your Senior Pastor and others to fully satisfy the requirements of the apostolic board of MMFI.


We are thankful for your interest in obtaining fellowship licensing or ordination through Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship, International, for indeed the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few.