Ministerial Credentials

MMFI provides Licensing and Ordination for those candidates with a clear and recognizable calling to Christian ministry. Please consider the following areas of examination if you are applying for Ministerial Credentials.

Five Areas of Examination

  • The genuineness of the applicant's Christian experience
  • The reality of the applicant's divine call to the ministry
  • The sufficiency of the applicant's spiritual, moral, emotional, and social maturity
  • The sufficiency and correctness of the applicant's understanding of Bible content and doctrine
  • The adequacy of the applicant's preparation and practical abilities


Spiritual Attributes - The follow spiritual attributes are essential to a most productive ministry 

  • A devotional spirit - love for God, the ministry, people
  • Humility
  • Convictions
  • Ministerial Spirit - an attitude to give service, to be solicitous over the well-being and growth of people spiritually,morally, socially, etc.
  • Dedication - Total commitment to God's will
  • Faithfulness - in stewardship of time, spiritual preparation, business matters, etc.

Moral Attributes - The following moral attributes are essential to a most productive ministry

  • Integrity - basic honesty and wholeness of character, spiritual honesty, intellectual honesty, honesty in preaching, and in everyday dealings
  • Moral Purity

Emotional Attributes - It is quite likely that more inefficiency and failure in the ministry are caused by emotional and personality deficiencies than by ill health, moral defection, lack of training, education, or talent. Because of this, it is most important that our ministries be very mature in self-understanding and healthy emotionally. If an applicant has unresolved emotional problems, violent mood swings, personality conflicts, or fails under duress, it will greatly affect his/her attitudes in the ministry of the Lord, as well as determine his/her attitude in all interpersonal relationships.

Intellectual Attributes - The following intellectual attributes are important for success

  • Studiousness
  • Regimentation - reasonably well-organized
  • Moderation - in views rather than extremes
  • Logic
  • Imagination
  • Power of Concentration
  • Memory
  • Wisdom

Social Attributes - among the social attributes which are essential to MMFI are the following

  • Knowledge of human nature
  • Lack of prejudice
  • Cooperative attitude
  • Conciliatory disposition
  • Respect for authority
  • Teachableness
  • Loyalty - to family, church, the fellowship, associates, and friends

Practical Attributes - It is essential to a productive ministry that the minister develops his/her practical ability to perform the functions of the ministry with skill.  It is important that ministers study the Bible and theology in order to educate their heads, but is important that they study practical theology in order to educate their mouths, hands, and heart as well. The minister should cultivate the spiritual and practical abilities necessary to the function in preaching, teaching, worship, administering the ordinances, pastoral care and administration.

All ministerial candidates who are pursuing credentials with MMFI should adhere to the scriptural requirements of the leadership mandates of the local church and ministry requirements.  Titus 1:6-9; 1 Corinthians 4:1-2; 1Timothy 3:1-16; Eph. 4:11-16; and others.