Develop, Equip, Resource, and Empower
Men and Women in Five-fold Christian Ministry

Welcome to MMFI

Founded in 1996 by Bishop Rick Callahan and Dr. Phyllis Callahan, Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship, International MMFI, is an apostolic network of ministers, churches, and missions reaching America and around the world. Led by the Callahans and the Apostolic Board, MMFI exists to develop, equip, resource, and empower men and women of God in five-fold ministry. We, as members, desire to compliment and enhance others' ministries while providing moral and ethical accountability through biblical relationships. We believe that "relationships house the harvest," so we "do life" together while advancing His Kingdom work in every region and nation. So, get to know us and see if MMFI is a connection place for you and your ministry.

Together Serving Him,
Bishop Callahan and The Apostolic Board

New in 2017!

We are tremendously excited about the New Year, 2017, knowing God has a great plan for each of us!  We believe that this year will our finest year in declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ, and strengthening the Church. Here are some of the highlights:


mark your calendars!!

We've set the dates and hosts for our quarterly regional gatherings. Mark your calendars and reserve the dates now! God is pouring out His Spirit empowering us all to fulfill His Kingdom purpose, and you won't want to miss these powerful, refreshing times together. 

online membership renewal

This year, by February 28, you can renew your MMFI Membership and Credentials online! We trust you'll appreciate this convenience and enjoy the time-saving efficiency. Click the link below, and in minutes, you're all set for 2017!


"I am sensing prophetically and apostolically that the word of the Lord this year is "Living In His Presence...Increasing Your Fruitfulness."  I anticipate ministry being beyond powerful this year with the Holy Spirit confirming His Word with miraculous signs following!"
Bishop Rick Callahan

Get to Know MMFI


With multi-generational ministries throughout the USA and around the world, MMFI is growing. We do that through relationship and connection. We spend time together, pray, gather for activities, and provide a sense of identification, mutual-support, and accountability. Fulfilling His call on your life is of utmost importance, so let's serve Him together.


MMFI desires to stand with and assist you to fulfill God's calling and destiny for your life. Depending on that purpose and plan, MMFI offers two distinct membership levels, and provides credentials to those with a clear and recognizable calling to Christian ministry. We seek to inspire, equip, and resource men and women in their Kingdom calling.


MMFI is a Spirit-filled fellowship of Christian leaders with a prophetic cutting-edge that embraces all true present-day moves of the Spirit and longs for the day of a promised world-wide outpouring. Are you looking for a local church? Do you want to find covering and connection? Find a local MMFI Ministry in your region, state, or nation.